A/C and Heating Repair

Nobody likes riding in a hot, stuffy car in the summer, or a cold car in the winter!

Your heater is pretty simple and hasn’t changed much since the early 50s. Automotive heaters direct coolant through a mini-radiator located on the passenger side behind the dashboard. This assembly, called the heater core, has hot coolant running through it; when you turn on the defroster or heater, heat is drawn away from the heater core and directed through the ducts via a blower. Adjusting the vehicle cabin heat is done by opening or closing a damper.

Cooling system service is important for the heater core; a cooling system that’s starting to corrode can also mean a heater core that has tubing and fins that are starting to plug up from scale and corrosion.

The air conditioner is similar to your refrigerator; it’s an endless closed loop that compresses gas into a liquid, then evaporates it again. Your refrigerator has the same condensation/evaporation cycle, but it’s not subjected to the heat, vibration, and stress of an automotive engine. Even a late model vehicle can lose as much as five percent of its refrigerant over a year due to the porosity of hoses, lines and seals…and the majority of poor A/C performance comes from systems that are just low on refrigerant.

At Miracle Tire and Total Car Care, we’ll make heating and A/C service part of your regular auto repair and maintenance regimen. NOTE: automotive A/C refrigerant also contains oil that keeps the compressor lubricated. Running your A/C system while it’s low on refrigerant can cause the compressor to fail, which can then send shards of metal through the rest of the system and result in a catastrophic failure!

Miracle Tire and Total Car Care offers quality Auto Air Conditioning Repair and Heating System Service

Don’t just put up with a stuffy or cold car, and don’t take chances with your A/C system. Make an appointment with us at Miracle Tire and Total Car Care, and let’s make sure your vehicle’s heating and A/C system is in good shape for the winter or summer months!

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