50 years ago, vehicles needed tune-ups about every 30,000 miles or so. A tune-up back then consisted of changing the spark plugs and plug wires, cleaning and adjusting the carburetor, changing the air filter, changing the mechanical ignition points, replacing the distributor cap and setting the ignition timing, among other tasks.

Today’s engines are more sophisticated, but a lot less labor- and maintenance-intensive. The engine’s computer has taken over fuel metering and delivery (so no carburetor), timing and even spark, so there’s no distributor or spark plug wires anymore. Spark plugs only need to be changed at about 75,000 miles or so, but that doesn’t mean that today’s engines are maintenance-free.

A tune-up today has more to do with electronics than actually turning wrenches. The engine computer relies on readings from a network of sensors around the engine and in the exhaust stream; it calculates spark advance, fuel delivery, emissions and other functions from this information. When a sensor is regularly sending information that’s outside of normal operating parameters, it will trigger a trouble code in the engine computer and illuminate the Check Engine light on the dash.

The Check Engine light can be an indicator of something as minor as a loose or cracked gas cap, or something as big as a blown head gasket. At Miracle Tire and Total Car Care, our tune-up services include:

  • Change spark plugs
  • Change air filter
  • Change cabin air filter
  • Check all vacuum lines under hood (a leaky or failed vacuum line can cause all kinds of driveability problems)
  • Check engine’s serpentine belt and tensioner for condition and tension
  • Connect a code reader or scanner to the engine’s diagnostic port and check the engine computer for any stored trouble codes
  • Check exhaust system and hardware for rust, looseness or damage
  • Check O2 sensors for function

Miracle Tire and Total Car Care offers Automotive Tune-Ups in Boise, ID

Remember that staying on top of routine maintenance like engine tune-ups can make the difference between a long-running car and one that fails at 100,000 miles! Doesn’t it make sense to address problems at stage 1 when they’re still simple, rather than wait until stage 5 when they’re expensive and difficult? Make an appointment with us for your engine tune-up! 

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