Labor Day’s over, the days are getting shorter and soon there’s going to be a snap in the air.Winter Driving in Boise ID

You know that the tough winter months are coming up, so here’s a quick checklist of things to go over before winter gets here:

--Oil change: If you’re using conventional oil, it should be changed every 5,000 miles. For synthetic oil, a 10,000 mile interval is acceptable. Oil changes are vital to keeping your car’s engine clean and protecting it from sludge and wear. While you’ve got it up in the air at 5,000 miles, that’s the perfect time for a…

--Tire rotation: Tire rotations are  essential to ensure even tire wear and get the most service life out of your tires, and a 5,000 mile interval is perfect. Not only that, they’re mandatory for tire warranty coverage.

--Cooling system: While your antifreeze contains anti-corrosion agents that help prevent the buildup of scale in radiator passages and the water pump, coolant still has a service life and will need to be changed at regular intervals. Different antifreezes and different vehicles have different specifications. If in doubt about the condition of your antifreeze, our technicians can perform a quick test to check its specific gravity and condition, then flush the system if necessary.

--Wash and wax: Your vehicle’s finish will hold up a lot better if it’s protected by a good coat of wax this winter, and can easily shake off ice, snow and road grime.

You rely on your car every day, year-round. Make an appointment with us at Miracle Tire & Total Car Care, and make sure your car’s ready for winter weather!