Today’s cars are a lot less maintenance-intensive than they were a generation ago, but that doesn’t mean they’re maintenance free. Besides, if your vehicle’s under warranty, that maintenance is a must for warranty coverage to be honored! Things like these may need to be done less frequently, but they’re just as important as they ever were:Preventative Maintence in ID

Oil changes: Today’s synthetic oil has about a 10-12,000 mile oil change interval, which is a lot better than the 5,000-mile mark that was recommended for conventional oil. Synthetic oil outperforms conventional oil in about every respect, but that doesn’t mean you should go beyond factory recommended service interval.

Transmission service: The service interval for transmission maintenance can vary greatly from one manufacturer to another. It also depends, however, on how you use your vehicle. If you have a truck or SUV that frequently tows trailers or hauls heavy loads, your transmission fluid will be stressed due to heat and should be changed more frequently. Be certain you use the right transmission fluid – with a dozen different brand-specific formulations on the market, you can quickly damage or ruin the transmission by using the wrong fluid.

Cooling system service: This is another one where manufacturer’s spec can vary. There are different recipes for coolant on the market now; to be sure of good protection against corrosion and overheating, be sure to use the manufacturer’s recommended coolant and have service done at the recommended mileage.

Tune-ups are also recommended at about the 75,000-mile mark for most vehicles. While the tune-up is a lot less involved than it was during the days of carburetors and mechanical ignition, it’s still an important maintenance step to keeping your car running right and performing well.

We hope that we’ve passed on some useful information about the importance of factory-recommended maintenance. Regardless of what vehicle you drive or how new it is, it’s important to keep up to date on all required maintenance. Make an appointment with us at Miracle Tire and let us help you set up a regular preventive maintenance schedule to keep your car running great for years to come!