Brake Repair

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A set of brakes on a car or truck can easily last 60,000 miles with the right driving habits. Because the ceramic or semi-metallic friction material of brakes wears down so slowly, it's easy to not notice when they've worn to a point where braking performance is compromised. In other words, it's very easy to take it for granted that when you step on the brake pedal, your car's going to reliably, safely come to a stop. 

Your car's brakes work rather like the hand brakes on a bicycle. Your wheels are mounted to smooth steel discs called rotors; a caliper is then attached to the rotor, holding two brake pads. When you step on the brakes, hydraulic pressure from the brake system causes the brake pads to clamp the rotor and slow the car down via friction. Older vehicles still have drum brakes in back, with curved brake shoes expanding inside a pan-shaped steel drum and dragging along the drum's lining. 

These are all signs of imminent brake problems: Brake Repair Boise, ID

  • Longer brake pedal travel 
  • Brakes feel "spongy" or soft underfoot
  • Tendency for one or more wheels to lock up and skid while braking 
  • Vehicle pulls to one side while braking
  • Vibration or pulsating sensation felt through brake pedal
  • Squealing, groaning or metallic grinding noise

Of these, the metallic grinding is by far the worst. It means that your brake pads have worn to a point where the metal backing plates and rivets are exposed and are cutting grooves into the smooth steel surface of your brake rotors. Not only is this going to make your brake service more complicated and's also very dangerous!

If you're thinking you might be seeing any of these above signs, don't hesitate -- make an appointment for brake service at Miracle Tire and Total Car Care in Boise, ID and let our trained technicians have a look. Don't put yourself (and everyone else on the road) in danger due to your worn brakes!