Engine Repair

So you go to start your vehicle, and the Check Engine light on the dashboard is illuminated. You hope it’ll go out on its own…but of course, it doesn’t.

For many drivers, there’s some confusion about the Check Engine light and what it means. Here’s what it comes down to:

Since the early 90s, every vehicle has electronic engine controls that govern ignition timing, fuel delivery, power, fuel economy, transmission shift points, emissions and several other factors. These engine controls use a set of sensors which send readings back to the central drivetrain computer. When the computer registers readings from a sensor that are outside of normal parameters, it will store a trouble code and illuminate the Check Engine lamp. It could be an indicator of something pretty minor, or it could be a sign of something more serious (or even a series of problems occurring at once).

The computer is designed for easy onboard diagnostics; by hooking a code reader/scanner device to the car’s diagnostic connector, a technician can easily access the trouble codes and start to figure out what the problem might be. While trouble codes aren’t the be-all and end-all – a tech has to be able to know what caused the trouble code in the first place – it certainly gives a head start to diagnosis and takes much of the guesswork out of the equation.

At Miracle Tire and Total Car Care in Boise, ID, our techs are trained and experienced with the latest in engine diagnostics and repair. That means the most up-to-date scanners and diagnostic tools, training on a wide range of vehicles Engine Repair Boise, IDand the skills necessary to see the job through.

Every generation of automotive technology gets a little more sophisticated, with every passing year. That’s why it’s important to not trust your car to just any repair shop. Don’t just ignore that Check Engine indicator and hope it’s going to go away on its own. Make an appointment with us and let our techs diagnose that irritating Check Engine light and get to the bottom of the problem.

Miracle Tire and Total Car Care can help you with your Car Engine Repair & Diagnostics

Let our years of engine repair service at Miracle Tire and Total Car Care provide you with the engine repair services you need to get your engine performing at its best in Boise, ID and surrounding areas. Contact us to schedule your car engine repair or other auto repair service. Miracle Tire and Total Car Care is proud to be your local auto repair shop and providor of tires in Boise, ID and surrounding areas.

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