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Store: 10611 Fairview Ave., Boise, ID.
on 1/18/17
The manager and staff here are amazing and honest! After being screwed over by Les Schwab multiple times, I'm happy to come to these guys for service.
Store: 10611 Fairview Ave., Boise, ID.
on 1/10/17
We were in Boise to buy a truck. We drove from Teton County, ID. I needed tires so on a whim, we took my car into Goodyear on Fairview because it was by our hotel. Jerry, the staff and the service dept went above and beyond! I got tires, but they also fixed a broken belt that would have left us stranded, gave us a ride to the dealership that was selling the truck we wanted to buy and also did a pre-purchase inspection on said truck. Thank goodness! The service department advised us of the truck's mechanical problems. We did not buy it and are so very very thankful to Jerry and the professional service department there for saving us a TON of money! You guys rock! Thanks for everything.
Store: 2566 S. Broadway Ave., Boise, ID.
on 1/8/17
Oh my goodness, I LOVE Miracle Tire! I was driving from Salt Lake City to Portland right in the middle of Winter Storm Helena and suddenly my wind shield wiper pump stopped working. The folks at Miracle Tire looked at my car, de-iced the pump and sent me on my way - without charging me anything at all!!! In fact, they even pushed my car out of a snowbank when it got stuck on my way out of their parking lot! Considering that I was from out of town and in desperate need to get home for work the next morning, any car place could have really taken advantage of me. But Miracle Tire was beyond helpful and ethical. I wholeheartedly recommend them!!! :)
Store: 2566 S. Broadway Ave., Boise, ID.
on 1/6/17
These guys are great! They came outside in 3 degree weather to help me put chains on my car and didn't ask for a penny. Thanks so much!
Store: 2566 S. Broadway Ave., Boise, ID.
on 12/29/16
The staff were friendly, kind, and professional. And when they found other problems during my oil change they bent over backwards to ensure a deal I could afford and kept me mobile a little longer. Plus, they were able to explain it all to a simpleton like me in terms I could understand.