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10611 Fairview Ave.
BoiseID   83713
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From wheel alignments and brake repair to oil changes and engine diagnostics, your one-stop resource for auto repair in Boise, ID is Miracle Tire and Total Car Care. We’re locally owned and operated, so your auto repair dollars stay right here in Boise, ID, and we’re staffed with ASE-certified auto repair techs and service advisors so you know your car’s in good hands. You can drop off your car the night before work is scheduled, or wait and enjoy our gourmet coffee, Wi-Fi and HD television in our lobby. You can find us at 10611 Fairview Ave. in Boise, ID, right next to Pizza Hut. Schedule an appointment and find out for yourself why we say, “your wheels never had it so good!” 

  • Tires

    Have you checked your tires lately? They may need replacing. Find new tires to fit your vehicle with our tire finder.

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  • Battery Replacement

    We've all been there - stuck away from home, in a hurry with a dead car battery and no one to jump start our vehicle. Visit Miracle Tire and Total Car Care today to make keep this problem at bay!

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  • Oil Change

    Protect your vehicle's engine by scheduling regular oil changes! Talk to one of our friendly Boise, ID technicians today about how to get your vehicle on an oil change schedule!

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  • Brake Service

    You expect your brakes to work when you need them most - but have you had them inspected lately? Visit one of Miracle Tire & Total Car Care's Boise, ID locations for all of your brake service and repair needs!

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  • Engine Repair

    Is that pesky "check engine" light on again? Let Miracle Tire & Total Car Care run a complete engine diagnostics test and get the issue fixed!

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  • Tune-Up

    Tune ups for your vehicle are similar to check ups for your body. Tune-ups can extend the life of your vehicle and decrease the need to replace worn engine parts. Schedule an appointment online NOW!

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on 4/5/17
I totally recommend this Goodyear store. Great service with each visit. Last summer I needed new tires for my suv. I loved the tires I had on my truck and asked for something comparable. Jerry provided excellent service and suggestions. The new tires that I purchased ended up being better than the ones I had to give up. They were especially great this winter with all the snow. Jerry was right on! :)
on 3/22/17
Kudos to Miracle Tire mgmt, highlighting Jerry Tardiff at the Fairview location. They are partnering with Idaho's Voc Rehab Dept & Community Partnerships of Idaho to help train Boise's high school youth with disabilities this summer in the field of auto mechanics. Wonderful community service; plus, training your future employees.
on 1/18/17
The manager and staff here are amazing and honest! After being screwed over by Les Schwab multiple times, I'm happy to come to these guys for service.
on 1/10/17
We were in Boise to buy a truck. We drove from Teton County, ID. I needed tires so on a whim, we took my car into Goodyear on Fairview because it was by our hotel. Jerry, the staff and the service dept went above and beyond! I got tires, but they also fixed a broken belt that would have left us stranded, gave us a ride to the dealership that was selling the truck we wanted to buy and also did a pre-purchase inspection on said truck. Thank goodness! The service department advised us of the truck's mechanical problems. We did not buy it and are so very very thankful to Jerry and the professional service department there for saving us a TON of money! You guys rock! Thanks for everything.
on 12/13/16
Took two different cars in for oil changes today. Everyone I spoke with was extremely friendly and helpful! Would highly recommend!
on 12/7/16
On Monday I purchased 4 new Goodyear tires from Jerry. I had an issue with two of the tires. I called Jerry and he immediately and politely scheduled an appointment for Wednesday and took care of my issue without charge. Jerry was very professional in the way he handled the problem. I would recommend this Goodyear location to my friends.
on 11/14/16
Neil and Jerry went above and beyond today when I went in inquiring about transmission service and buying new tires for my car. They provided me with information, insight and education on tire options. I am grateful for their patience and time spent. I will be buying tires from them tomorrow, and am going to begin having all of my vehicles serviced by them from now on because of their exceptional service. THANK YOU! - Gretchen
on 10/6/16
The guys were great with good service and friendly!
on 10/6/16
These guys were great from the minute I walked in the store. They got my truck serviced and were finished quickly. Very friendly and helpful. I will go back again and recommend them if you are needing tires or service.
on 9/14/16
I always receive great service at a fair price. The added bonus to a lube job and oil change is the review of potential trouble spots on my vehicle.
on 9/9/16
Citizens of the internet, lend me your eyes because I NEVER write internet reviews. Who has the time in this day and age? Yet, here I am and here you are reading this. Today, I'm going to lay out a tale of fantastic customer service. You think that you know what customer service is, but you don't because you haven't met Rick at Miracle Tire and Total Car Care specifically on Fairview Ave. I don't know Rick's last name, but that's alright, because I feel like all the coolest people in the world can be known by just one name.
This man's one name is Rick.
When I called Rick yesterday afternoon, heading into evening, my tire was completely shredded. I'm talking off the rim, had more holes in it than the series "Lost", and about as useless as a reboot would be. I'll be honest, my tires were more bald than what Trump has under that bad toupee so it was only a matter of time before one of them blew.
Yesterday was that time.
I was driving 50 at the time my tire blew out, so I was sent screaming down the street as the actual tire released from the rim and I wasn't sure which was making the more noise, the screams of terror echoing in my head or the sound of a metal rim scraping down the pavement. Luckily I was able to pull into a parking lot that was completely empty and as far as I know, I'm still alive.
So after work, phone in hand, I called Miracle Tire and Total Car Care. I was looking for Goodyear cuz that is what my friend suggested and what can I say, I'm a pushover. What I got was an even better year. Rick at Miracle Tire and Total Car Care.
So, I wasn't at my car at the time, so I couldn't tell my man Rick what kind of tires I had. He took it in stride, he was a swell individual, speaking with such a warm and friendly tone, I am sure his voice is made out of a grandma's sweater, but I have no proof.
The next day I headed in, now I tend to leave a memorable impression on people (especially regarding the fact I made myself look like an idiot) and lo and behold, Rick remembered me. He smiled and told me he'd get my tire fixed and even checked the rim which had been scraped up by, ya know, being driven on. It was fine (Praise the Lord! SERIOUSLY!).
I then waited to get my tire fixed. Now I did have to wait awhile, but that's because there were a few hiccups. I initially went in to buy one tire, but Rick did this thing with his face that parents do when their child is making the wrong decision and told me he suggested me getting two.
Now, I'm a baller on a budget trying to pay off my student loans, but I knew it was a good idea. I trusted Rick and said I'd get two.
So two it was. There were some other issues, but I feel like you may be getting the idea that Rick is not hardcore, but let me tell you this guy is TOTALLY hardcore. He may have the calming voice that's like putting on grandma's sweater, but he's got sass and uses the power which you only see Dad's use when they are kicking out their daughters scumbag boyfriend. Honestly, if this man isn't a father, I'll print out this review and eat it because oh my gosh, seriously, how could he not be?
Someone was trying to get me to buy four tires, which in all fairness is something I should do as soon as possible but isn't needed right now.
Rick understood that I was on a tight budget and trying to squeak by (with safety of course) and I won't post what he said to the guy but let me tell you, it was so legit and sassy, that I feel like a chorus of people should have gone "OOOOOOHHHHHH!" behind him. No curse words, no yelling, just one simple amazing statement that you only hear the awesome hero utter before he punches out the lights of the bad guy and saves the day.
Not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they work at tire stores.
So TL;DR: Rick is awesome, give him a raise or promotion, and my car is back in driving condition. BOOM!
on 8/20/16
Great service and very friendly manager and employees. Top rated store, I'm sure.
on 8/5/16
My Toyota Tacoma was screaming for some Wrangler tires with white lettering and a "beefy" tread design to go along with it's new sweet chrome wheels! Christian was the first person I talked to and he was very helpful (all of the front desk guys were) with my questions. I returned a couple of days later with my husband to purchase a set and all of the guys remembered who I was! I was really impressed with that and the entire process. I would wholeheartedly recommend Miracle Tire on Fairview Ave. to anyone that wants a great tire-buying experience.
on 7/2/16
I brought my 2010 focus in for a transmission flush. They also checked everything out & found that my battery wasn't working as well as it should. They recommended I take it back to the shop where I purchased it just a bit over a year ago.
WHen I had that shop check, the battery was defective & was actually a lot hotter than it was supposed to be.
Without Jerry's team checking everything, I could have had major problems.
I would recommend this shop for all car repairs.
on 6/30/16
they did a good job
on 6/28/16
Great Service!
on 6/25/16
Fast Service
on 6/23/16
We were vacation and pulled into a station to get gas. As I was getting ready to leave, my wife and I heard an air leak. We then saw one of our trailer tires getting flat. Someone there told us where you were located and off we went. We got to your place before quitting time. Your guys took the tire off, replaced the valve stem, patched where a screw was and had us finished in about 20 minutes! All that for $13! Off we went with the car trailer behind us with a Subaru on it headed for Denver! Thank you so much for your excellent customer service!
on 5/24/16
Upon arrival i was greated with friendly smiles from jerry and Christian a short wait later I almost bought low quality tires but jerry showed me reviews and helped me see the value and importance of my purchase I decided warranty and mileage were important and worth the extra money so I feel so much better about my purchase also the mechanics Brandon and Chris went through my whole car and checked it all what a great service would recommend to my family and friends
on 5/21/16
I literally go nowhere else but here for my car needs. Very dependable and pricing ain't too bad either.
on 5/19/16
Very nice guys, helpful & cordial. Had my oil changed as usual there. Can't beat the price & I get an extra $5 off for using my Goodyear Credit Card! And I got a lovely carnation to boot. Oh & my front & rear windows were cleaned as well! I don't go anywhere else for my oil changes. Thanks, guys. See ya next time.
on 4/29/16
I was treated well and the staff were helpful.
The prices were competitive.
on 3/24/16
great price on oil change especially with coupon AND credit card discount. great service. most helpful in spotting problems before they become serious. it is our regular oil change shop.
on 1/26/16
Awesome!! My car was done fast. Great service
on 1/26/16
The guys are amazing dont try to say you need all this needless service. Very respectable and willing to answer any questions that i have
on 9/22/15
The service on both of my vehicles was above and beyond my expectations. Everyone at the facility was helpful and efficient. Thanks...
on 7/20/15
Miracle Tire does a great job on oil changes and the price is right. I plan to get my routine maintenance done here as well. Thank you Christian for your advice.
on 7/6/15
Awesome service...always fast friendly and reliable...won't go anywhere else.. these guys are honest and awesome service!!
on 6/25/15
These eguys are awesome!! I wouldn't go anywhere else. They have been very honest with us and fair prices. They even have to go thru my dad to do extra work and that says a lot!! My dad trusts them as well. Fast, friendly and superior service. Been a very happy customer last several years!!

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